Qentnis lets you tap into the potential of your data. Make use of your existing data and create an additional revenue stream.

We work with financial institutions across Europe to build a combined pan-European panel. Adhering to privacy regulations, especially in Europe (including GDPR) is key for us.

As a data partner, you provide us anonymized data and we perform all relevant steps from cleaning to aggregation to make sure the data fulfils the requirements to be ready for sale.

How We Work

Data Anonymization performed by our partner

Data Import of anonymized data

Quality and Compliance Screening of all incoming transactions

Cleaning and Preparation of raw transactions

Aggregation across data sources

Analysis Generation and visualization of data

Distribution of aggregated data to customers


Secure Data Handling
Our platform is GDPR compliant with highly secure data processing and safe storage within the EU.
We only sell a combined panel so data cannot be traced back to you.
Maximum Return
Through aggregation into a pan-European panel the value of your data increases.
Experienced Team
We are an expert team with experience in data analytics, alternative data sales and hedge funds industry.
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Leverage your data to generate additional revenues.