Qentnis’ dataset provides institutional investors and corporates with low latency insights on pan-European markets and companies.

We aggregate anonymized data sourced through direct partnerships with financial institutions in Europe to build a sample representative of the entire consumer economy.

Our data is mainly sourced on an exclusive basis, covers thousands of merchants both public and private, with over 3 years history. We work with row level transaction data which can be delivered daily via API or dashboard. The data is anonymized, GDPR compliant and does not contain any PII or MNPI.

Use Cases


Discover business results before earnings.
Monitor company performance at scale across Europe.
Monitor spend in economies across Europe.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Deal Sourcing
Source new targets for investment.
Due Diligence
Dig deeper into the companies you are looking to invest in.
Risk Management
Monitor your portfolio companies.


New Markets
Discover new markets to enter.
Share of Wallet
See your share of wallet in real-time.
Consumer Churn
Which segment of your consumers are churning most?
Customer Profiling
Which cohorts contribute the most to your sales?
Market Intelligence
Do you retain more consumers than your competition? Is the average transaction growing in your sector? Is the total customer base growing?
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Improve your decision making with actionable data.